Have You Ever Tried To Read A Book Without Bending Your Head Down?

In college, migraine headaches forced me to be inventive. I had to find a way to study without bending my head forward. I found chiropractic as a non surgical alternative to treat my condition. My doctor’s gentle technique relieved the pain. First, reducing it’s severity and frequency and continuing until I was symptom free.

After talking with Dr. Burdick from Altus, OK, and witnessing his impressive results, I was inspired to go to chiropractic school.

My Chiropractic Journey

I attended the University of Texas at Arlington for my pre-med studies. I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, the fountain head of chiropractic, established by the father of chiropractic. The Palmer Technique is a specific technique for the upper spine. I have attended numerous continuing education classes.

I strive to be the best doctor that I can be. My goal is to alleviate symptoms in as short a time as possible without the use of surgery or prescription medication. This office is a full service practice. We offer x-rays, and a variety of physiological therapeutics. My staff is fully trained in physiological therapeutics, such as diathermy, both cervical and lumbar traction, EMS and ultrasound.

I am an active member of the community and support many local charities and civic organizations. My robust health is maintained with a combination of weekly chiropractic treatments, regular exercise and high quality nutritional supplements.

Public Service And Recognition

I have completed thousands of hours of post graduate work in a variety of fields including nutrition and ongoing continuing education. I have won numerous awards including Chiropractor of the Year and have been inducted into the Chiropractic Hall of Fame. I am a past president of the State of Oklahoma Governors Board of Examiners. I have served chiropractic associations over the years, holding the position of President for 5 years and simultaneously serving 3 different associations as Chairman for 2 1/2 years.

I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge.

Call Smith Chiropractic now at (580) 233-7500 to schedule an appointment and let’s see how chiropractic care can help you!